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I set up a gofundme account to see if we can raise any money to help our dog.. We just recently found not only does his eye have to have surgery he has a cracked tooth which is causing some issues as well. Not sure what were going to do but dad will have to put it on his card which he cant afford to do really... But what other choice do we have? We took off the cone of shame so he doesnt run into everything. When he starts rubbing his eye we put it back on.

Spread the word if you could.

Thank you!!!

Ugh... another year older... Hopefully wiser and a touch bit more coin in my pocket than last.

True wealth is in family and friends but a little bit of comfort in coin in my pocket would be nice as well :)

I have to say that with every year i dread the hatching day. I wish i'd never age. be immortal. always look this good LOL

I have decided to make books, wands and other magical items this year. Also to finish what I started a long time ago which are a few OLD sculptures.

Also, I have a new job as a sign maker in a sign shop. Im learning the trade and been treated very kindly. Its nice to do an artsy job and be treated like a person rather than a slave or just a number.

And I am hoping that with persistence and a little studying on business and promoting myself I can get a few more people to find my work online and share it around with their friends. Sharing and word of mouth doesn't cost a dime, only a few seconds of time :)

So with that said and it being 12:41am I am going to get some sleep and be up at 8:15am to get ready to go to the "Farmers Market" where i sell my artsy stuff. Well, sometimes sell it, pending weather and all that stuff :P
So i dont really do anything on holdays or new years but i know many of you do.
So with that said, try not to drink to much, party too much and please stay safe.
You can have a lot of fun just be carefull. Every year i hear of injuries, accidents and worse on new years. 
So with that said happy new years everyone.

On another note, if anyone is thinking about buying themselves a yearly subscription or even a few months theres a great deal going on now here at DA. IF you buy somebody a year or a few months you get the same amount of time free!  

so erm... aside from my weirdness this year... if anyone wants to jump on that it would be awesome. 

I r NoT A hErD CoRe mEmBeR "derp" i ToO bRoKe
Facebook is stupidly one sided when it comes to "Who gets the most likes will win *enter prize here*" It pisses me off so bad when groups pull that crap... ARGH!!!!!!! I deleted everything involving that sewing machine and facebook and tandy today.. If i missed something ill eventually find it and delete it... To hell with that site for now...

On other news an artist and amazing illustrator went from Astounding work to WTF art. I mean it was invading my deviation folder with omg wtf why?! so I unfortunately had to unwatch them. I hate doing this and I have had to do it before with other artists in the past on here and on FA. When an astounding artist suddenly changes their style and "not for the better" utilizing distorted shapes and 1/2 the detail they used to do and blurry lines... omg wtf... 

Best advice to any artist out there. REFINE your art. DONT get lazy and do quick personal shit and slopily throw it into a gallery. ALWAYS do the best you can do and then show it off.. YOU are known by the worst artwork in your gallery, NOT the best artwork. REMEMBER that. 
So people dont like what I say on twitter.. I loose watchers and such..
Well if people that consider me a friend decided they dont like what I say and cut me off completely thats their problem.
I say things as they are. I am not going to sugar coat it. Im keeping it off here as much as possible.

The news is frustrating but whatever. 
People are frustrating,
life is frustrating
i say whats on my mind on twitter. 
People that know me in person should know better than to just judge me by what I tweet or what somebody says about me.

TO answer your questions..

Am i anti humanist.. No, I just don't like humans that destroy or disrespect nature and the environment.
Am i racist. NO
Am I Sexist. No but i've had a lot of bad managers and dumb people piss me off in my life, its why im single for life.
Am I gay. NO
Am I religious. NO

Im trying to be a vegetarian and I disapprove of hunting even though i was raised on a ranch and hunted with my dad. "Never shot a deer, actually the deer is the reason i gave up hunting all together".

I don't drink alcohol, take drugs. or any of that bull shit. I'm very green and clean. 

In person im a very nice person and can be somewhat shy in some cases. 

Two great artists blocked me for life. 
one was an astounding animal artist but man shes got issues. holy shit...
The other is a damn good sculptor and cool steampunk gal. Unfortunate she judges me by my tweets.

If I died tomorrow nobody would care except my family which there is only 5 left in this world.
Friends as I see it come and go, mostly they go because they have a life of their own or just judge me for my thoughts and not my actions. I do a lot of talking but no action btw in the complaining dept.

In short im an artist, depressed, broke, homeless (cant afford a place so i have to live at my dads), bills are killing me slowly, and I hate holidays because they are freaking stupid excuses for being lazy or stupid. Except for a couple like veterans day which i respect and mothers/fathers day.
Ive been away for a while. Got tired of Deviant Arts annoying adds, over programing their site, and tons of other bs going on but whatever.

I have heard on the grapevine that DA has leveled off and is slowly starting to fall. Guess you cant have fame forever eh? I wonder if it was their obnoxious over programming and features? 

Anyhow you know where i stand on that area.. Keep It Simple Stupid "K.I.S.S." aparently DA never learned. 


I have been making a bunch of items for my Etsy store as well as stuff for the Saturday market here in town "Farmers market".
Every saturday I get up at 8am and find my way down to the market to set up my tables at around 9am. sell stuff till 3pm and pack up and leave by 4pm. Im getting a very small profit but it helps. 

Ill be finishing going through the 1600 deviations which used to be nearly 4000 deviations. Egads it takes forever! Ill try to keep up to date on here pending if the Add blocker programs and such stop the adds from coming up "I no longer pay money i dont have to keep adds away". 

I remember a "ghost" on here (you know who you are) :) always was there for me when i needed a moral boost. 
There was another artist on here that helped as well. shes such a great person and I like her foxes XD Culpeo-Fox 
Unfortunately ive been away so long ive forgotten nearly everyone here. Probably why my watchers are just a few hundred rather than over 800... guess people don't like an account that's not being touched... 

Well i will roll up my sleeves and try to get the dust off this account. Hope your not upset ive been away. 
Ok so I talked to annother programmer friend of mine and he found a super freaking easy way to fix my laptop pen touch issue.. Hes a super cool guy and i was glad to have him as my room mate back when I lived in California. :) He gave a sense of sanity to the insane rommate situation i was living in at the time.

Anyhow. Heres the update :)

I can do digital arts again!!! YAY!!!!

I have 2 commission slots full but 2 more to fill in! Come on guys jump on in! The waters fine :)

1. SaphiraFafnar "Raptor Avian" Sketched and inking will progress soon :)

2. Gdzeek "Self Portrait of zeek" Sketched and inking will progress soon :)

3. Open slot available!

4. Open slot available!

Also on another note.. I learned about a new paypal contribution link thingy.. Let me know what you think. 

Here's the link. It seems simple and such..

Ill need to figure how to alter the home town on the thing though... I Live in Brookings, Oregon. 

But if you can spare a buck or two or more feel free to help out :)

Thank you! *hugs*!!!

Well kind of on my etsy page..

I have 6 lazy ponies and 2 sleepy bats still in stock. They have been up for sale for a couple years and to no avail.. So if you want one heres your chance to get one at a ridiculously low price!! :)

Lazy pony $35.…
Sleepy Bat $45. each…

Lazy pony $15. each
Sleepy Bat $10. each

Why am i cutting the prices so low?
To be brutally honest i'm tired of packing and unpacking them.
The bats have minor little chips which can be fixed with black paint.
The ponies are just a pain to pack. both the bats and ponies are made of Stone Cast Material "Plaster".

Also the ponies are all painted already and so if you want a special surprise pony let me know, otherwise they come in pinto "no glass eyes just clay eyes", white, zeebra, black with fire mane, pinto jewel tones blue & green, and then the white blanks.

I will calculate shipping and handling charges if your interested in getting one or more. Most likely it will be around $10. to ship. Ill try to keep the weight down and box size small.

SEND ME A DA NOTE if your interested :)
I rarely visit DA anymore since the constant Coding and ReCoding which drives me up a wall. I hate overly complex sites with too much coding. I like things simple like they used to be 12 years ago. I go by the phrase "If its not broke dont fix it". 

I frequent these sites:……

Im deleting my Facebook since im in a frenzy about a lot of bs on there... Must remove things that frustrate me.. I need my zen, inner peace. 
I want to do some leather bags for the convention "FURLANDIA"

thing is the leather is $150 for black and brown. The leather is soft and theres a lot of it "one side per color".

I need some advice here. I have less than a day to make the decision.

Im considering making renaissance bags/pouches. Black or brown or both.

Selling them for $35. each since they are real leather.. but will there be people interested in it?

They would look like this…

but if you have better ideas please feel free to let me know :)

Time is most definitely of the ESSENCE!
Hey everyone! I have 3 more necklaces up on my Etsy store!
Go check them out and remember Valentines day is coming up fast so dont procrastinate. :)

These are made of high quality black leather which has been hand stamped and hand painted.
The cord for the necklace is a very nice metalic brown color and very soft to the touch.

Asking $10. each $5. S&H
All amulets are in very limited numbers due to limited resource on my end.

You can see them on my Etsy page here…
If your on facebook, or not. I made this public so you can see the photos.
Lots to sell. Need to sell.…
I am in a bind and even though I am barely able to squeek by this month, i wont be able to next month. 

I need to come by at least $950. for next month. 

Credit Card minimum balance payment is $250.
My rent is $650
Gas for my car is $50 average

My food is covered by food stamps 

I am doing everything I can to sell stuff but its just not moving fast enough. I maybe sell one $10 item a month and thats pathetic beyond reason.

I have advertised on:
Facebook groups
Deviantart groups
Google +
And even my email contacts!

I want to let you know that regardless if you can help or not I appreciate whatever you can do. Weather its reposting this journal or sharing my etsy link in your contacts list. Anything helps.

Heres my etsy page link.

Heres a couple other things that are on my Craigslist.
Star wars boba fett cosplay…
Alien Painting…

Facebook for sale page:……
When i remember to pack them that is. Egads! with all the bs going on in my life right now I am giving stuff away. LITERALLY!!!

Just sold a small item on etsy and including another item of same price with it weather they can use it or not just to get rid of old inventory. IF they cant use the free item i know they can find somebody who can :)

No longer making cat or dog noses or unicorn horns! So get what you can! I'm reducing my Cosplay parts inventory to only a couple items. Those items will be "Silicone Paw pads and Resin Claws".

So if you want em before they are all given away best get them now...
k9 Noses:…
Cat Noses:…

Once certain things are gone they are gone forever.

Take for example these unique one of a kind items!
Steampunk Box:…
Book Lizard:…
Trex Tpot:…
Diablo Book:…
Doby Elf:…
Stitch Pony:…
Sweetie Bot:…
well... down to $214. and change in my bank account. I have been trying to sell things but to no avail. If worse comes to worse Ill need help getting a few things..  I would rather sell stuff than get charity though. Hate feeling obligated. 

1. Trailer hitch and towing package for my SUV to haul a Uhaul of what I cant fit in my suv safely around $200.

2. I need a crankshaft position sensor suzuki xl7 $94.99  
Part # SU4063  from Autozone and I will try to install it myself to save money.

3. I need to sell stuff just to be able to do this or get a little charity if its even possible...

Really having a hard time here. I know we all are but you guys have family and friends to help. I dont have anyone. I'm on my own down here  and family cant help. No $ to speak of and they are 17 hours away.

Ive been researching colleges "not 4 year" to where I may be able to take classes so I can teach highschool art class. So far not much has come up in any area I can afford. And the way things are looking im going to have to pull back on the reigns and just work, save and do that till i have enough to get on my feet, hopefully.

I will update you guys if anything happens.

My monthly bills include:
$240. for minimum credit card payment.
$650. for rent

ya im screwed.
And I need one to finish my mold process... 

Ever wonder why i keep trying to sell my stuff? Cant afford to keep up with all the expenses :( 


[b]If you guys remember my hulktaur that is awesome. I spent a lot of time on it to get it to where it is. I hope it goes to a good home.

Small reserve. Seriously its tiny... but i want to at least get something for it.

Starting at .99 Cents. to get peoples attention.
Hey guys? Since I've been working at Staples Ive seen a lot of really nice looking laptops come in that were to be recycled. Unfortunately As an employee I cant keep any of them to see if I can get em to work.

What I would like is if anyone here who has a laptop computer thats died or knows anyone with a laptop computer that died to send it my way. Contact me via FB PM. I have a 6 year old alienware that is so slow it is only good for internet and a very old version of photoshop.  I have a surface pro 3 that I won at the Adobe Max conference but the damn thing overheats in a few minutes just watching youtube. The ideal laptop would be a large one that is around 15" or larger and if possible ASUS. but im not going to be picky.

Dont donate the laptops to a corporation because that corporation will make money off of your donation and none of it goes to the people. I can at least try to fix the darnd thing with help of a friend or two. Let others know about this if you could.

I live in Stevenson Ranch, Next to Valencia. LA County area.

If you buy something off my "ETSY" store and you want a free item thats pony related you MUST include a note with the key words "FREE PONY SWAG".

Otherwise it will just be the item you purchased.…

Items that could be chosen out of the hat as it were.

Pony pamplet from EQLA
Blind Bag Pony
Pony Print
Pony Card Box Empty
Pony Tattoo
Pony Stickers
Pony Calendar
Pony Coloring book


I am out of the fandom and dont keep up on events so if you are into the fandom and want stuff now is your chance.