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and counting! I hate to say it but i guess i couldnt stick with DA as solidly as I had hoped. These adds are annoying... 
I am trying though. Ill post when i get the chance. 
Just did a couple conventions and now just trying to get things back in order. 

hope everyone is doing well. 
So im heading to medford comic con tomorow. Got to prepair everything for the big day saturday. :)

Lots to do still. 

Hope to see you guys there if your in the area :)
Im in need of a new tool which will help save my hands from the already bothersome arthritis which rears its ugly head once in a while. Its a laser printer. This will cut down the time from 6 hours to 2 hours and also help me get creative projects from my mind to the printer. I dont have much since its hard as hell to get a reliable job in Brookings, Oregon. Im considering moving to Eugene next year. Im saving up but with insurance as well as all the other bills im lucky to have what I have. Ive even started going through my collectibles to see what I can sell. 
Speaking of which if your in oregon this month Come on over to the Medford Comic con on the 28th and 29th at the public library! I have a booth there. Im selling my books, leather goods, deck boxes and you will see a spot for my comic books and other collections im selling. Ill be dressed up as boba fett... well mostly. Cant wear the jetpack or helmet as a merchant that and I had to sell my jetpack years ago to pay part of my rent :(  Anywho... I cant get all mopey here I have to smile and think of the future. So what do you say? Help out a fellow artist? Contribute anything you want. $1. or more. If you cant just share this with all your friends, thats free and only takes a minute :)
Heres the link to my Go found me page.
Hugs to all! :)
Thank you for reading this i know its a bit long. 
Well as I have heard Ive kind of overwhelmed you guys with books journals and grimoires so I will refrain from posting them all on here unless you want me to . 

In the meantime I have been hard at work on other projects. Wood shelf to display my books at a convention, leather pouches, magic wands, and today I made a light saber... so ill post that in a few minutes. 

Feedback is apprecieated. 

I am doing a giveaway when we reach 1000 watchers this month! Everyone who watches the group is eligible to win a hand crafted leather pouch or one of my cast resin "Little Critters"!
If it goes to 2000 people in a month Ill be giving away both a leather pouch of your choice of colors "black and blue,red,green or purple" and a cast resin little critter!!! So what are you waiting for? The winner will be chosen by a random number generator.
Let everyone in the world know about my page and lets have a blast!
Dont forget I have collectibles up for sale on ebay! Just a couple hours left!
Yea im starting to use Ebay again... tired of being drownd like a rat under all this stuff. If you like star wars or other kinds of collectibles check out my sale page.…
Run toward those little critters and scoop them up and hug them tight cause they need a good home to stay warm and well fed. :)

Well i found out yesterday my Aunt passed away early in the morning. She had a stroke the day prior. 
Hospice was back and forth for 3 years. 3 years she proved them wrong. She was a fighter. 
We may not have been super close but she was my aunt and she was family. She will be missed. 
Its been especially hard on my Uncle. Dad went up to see him today and took him out for lunch so he could talk for a bit. 

All in all things are moving along. 

It always hits hardest when you realize your down a family member and theres only 5 of us left. Im the youngest by several deccades. everyone else is in their 80's or hitting 90. 

So... yea... trying to get my mind off of things by focusing on my "Little Critters" sculptures... 
feel free to take a look at it and give feedback on the colors and such.. 

Love and hugs to all. 

Wow i cant believe its almost the 21'st 
My hatching day "dragon term" is this sunday. OMG time flies, wish i could LOL

I posted this in facebook and twitter for shits and giggles but hell why not... 

IF anyone wants to send a gift feel free to do so. I love Pocket Dragons and Windstone Dragons

DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!! Love dragons XD

Oh and visit my Facebook Art Page. I dont have that many viewers on there and would love to see it jump quite a bit higher than where its at.…
So ive been busy as a dragon cleaning his castle after a 1000 years of dust has settled LOL

I have made 5 tomes this week and pushed to do one soft cover journal. Yikes!
Check them out on my Etsy store :)

Hope everyone is having a great 2018!
my wishlists and want lists for this year...
I try this every year but meh... Oh well its worth a shot :)

Hugs to all :)
Happy winter solstice!
Think if flooded my gallery with books, time for other things. Ill update it with more books if anyone is interested....

For now ill post a couple sculpts in progress.
Ive been making some tomes that are themed for the season. Feel free to check them out! :)

Ill be putting them up on my ETSY store but you can see them here in my gallery :)

So you might be wondering why all the books?
Well I've been making custom books for a few months now but have been slacking big time on getting them up online.
So with that said I dug through my computer, put books in their own files, dragon books, owl, harry potter, etc. and posted them on here and FA.

So I will spare you all from more journals for at least till i get photos of the 5 that are at the end of my bed right now while i fade off into sleepy dream land of dragons gryphons and books galore LOL XD

Enjoy and feel free to commission me for your own custom Tome, Grimoire, Sketchbook :)
So as you can see from my gallery ive been uploading a lot of custom books that I made. These are existing sketchbooks that i customized to look like old tomes or Grimoires, Spell books. Each book is $65. each and if you want a custom one let me know! :) Id be happy to do a custom one for you :)

The price would be $65. + Shipping Media Mail Rate
If you have a key chain, medallion or something you want on the cover you can send it to me and I would put it on the book. You choose the color of the book. Also weather or not you want the edges stained or pure white. 

Each book has my logo stamped into the back inside cover to show that it is an official "Raptor Arts" Tome / Grimoire! :)
I set up a gofundme account to see if we can raise any money to help our dog.. We just recently found not only does his eye have to have surgery he has a cracked tooth which is causing some issues as well. Not sure what were going to do but dad will have to put it on his card which he cant afford to do really... But what other choice do we have? We took off the cone of shame so he doesnt run into everything. When he starts rubbing his eye we put it back on.

Spread the word if you could.

Thank you!!!

Ugh... another year older... Hopefully wiser and a touch bit more coin in my pocket than last.

True wealth is in family and friends but a little bit of comfort in coin in my pocket would be nice as well :)

I have to say that with every year i dread the hatching day. I wish i'd never age. be immortal. always look this good LOL

I have decided to make books, wands and other magical items this year. Also to finish what I started a long time ago which are a few OLD sculptures.

Also, I have a new job as a sign maker in a sign shop. Im learning the trade and been treated very kindly. Its nice to do an artsy job and be treated like a person rather than a slave or just a number.

And I am hoping that with persistence and a little studying on business and promoting myself I can get a few more people to find my work online and share it around with their friends. Sharing and word of mouth doesn't cost a dime, only a few seconds of time :)

So with that said and it being 12:41am I am going to get some sleep and be up at 8:15am to get ready to go to the "Farmers Market" where i sell my artsy stuff. Well, sometimes sell it, pending weather and all that stuff :P
So i dont really do anything on holdays or new years but i know many of you do.
So with that said, try not to drink to much, party too much and please stay safe.
You can have a lot of fun just be carefull. Every year i hear of injuries, accidents and worse on new years. 
So with that said happy new years everyone.

On another note, if anyone is thinking about buying themselves a yearly subscription or even a few months theres a great deal going on now here at DA. IF you buy somebody a year or a few months you get the same amount of time free!  

so erm... aside from my weirdness this year... if anyone wants to jump on that it would be awesome. 

I r NoT A hErD CoRe mEmBeR "derp" i ToO bRoKe
Facebook is stupidly one sided when it comes to "Who gets the most likes will win *enter prize here*" It pisses me off so bad when groups pull that crap... ARGH!!!!!!! I deleted everything involving that sewing machine and facebook and tandy today.. If i missed something ill eventually find it and delete it... To hell with that site for now...

On other news an artist and amazing illustrator went from Astounding work to WTF art. I mean it was invading my deviation folder with omg wtf why?! so I unfortunately had to unwatch them. I hate doing this and I have had to do it before with other artists in the past on here and on FA. When an astounding artist suddenly changes their style and "not for the better" utilizing distorted shapes and 1/2 the detail they used to do and blurry lines... omg wtf... 

Best advice to any artist out there. REFINE your art. DONT get lazy and do quick personal shit and slopily throw it into a gallery. ALWAYS do the best you can do and then show it off.. YOU are known by the worst artwork in your gallery, NOT the best artwork. REMEMBER that.